Eden Akers Digital was founded in 2015 by Sander Eek under the name HCS Company Microsoft Services. The reason to start the organization was a strong belief in Microsoft´s vision and cutting-edge technology around the digital workplace starting in the 90´s with the integration and graphical interface of important office functions. Still today Microsoft sets the standard for the digital modern workplace.

Combining our vast project experience and eagerness to learn we developed a deep Microsoft domain knowledge and unconventional approach to assist companies being more successful through the smart use of Microsoft technology.

We shall not hesitate to debate or sometimes even provoke to achieve what we believe is best for you. These qualities form the core of our DNA that you will experience during our collaboration.

Ecosystem of specialists

As each assignment has its own dynamics and requires a different skillset, we work with the most qualified Microsoft specialists in the market. This also includes freelancers who share our values and approach, but at the same time, bring their own unique flavour into a project.

This operational model offers the following advantages:

  • High Quality – best professional for the job
  • Availability – quickly scale up and down project resources with low overhead
  • DNA – we only collaborate with professionals that embrace our approach and deliver on our promises

Locatie: PLEQUE Nieuwegracht
Entree: PLEQUE Business

Nieuwegracht 4-04, 3763LB Soest
Telefoon: 088 – 304 11 11
Website: www.eden-akers.com

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